Sussex Tech giving students work experience during a pandemic

GEORGETOWN, Del. – Sussex Tech students are gaining real-world career experience, even during a pandemic. The school says, with their hands-on learning and work-based learning program, they are giving students the best opportunity when it comes time to graduate.

With the school’s work-based learning program, it places students in their desired career field for part of their senior-year. According to school officials, a lot of the work student’s usually do has changed due to the pandemic .

They say surprisingly enough, the pandemic gave more student an opportunity to have more time to work in their desired field due to less in-person class time.
They say the program still has a lot to improve on, but many students express their excitement to have an early skill-set in their field before going to college or the work-force.

“It hasn’t been perfect but I know that we are really trying to learn from things that we did that should have been done a little differently and try to rearrange that,” says Dona Troyer, CTA coordinator WBL coordinator at Sussex Tech. “We’re looking at it really from a big broad picture on how do we really make sure that our kids are graduating with the skill sets they need.”

If you are interested in learning more about this program at Sussex Tech, you can visit their website.

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