Salisbury groups coming together Saturday to meet the needs of the community during the pandemic

SALISBURY, Md.- Next Saturday, you can look forward to organizations in the Salisbury area coming together to meet the needs of of the community during this uncertain time.

“We are coming together two groups adopt a block and the christian shelter along with the help of the Maryland Food Bank and CEAP program being able to distribute almost 1000 boxes of food,” Mark Thompson, Emmanuel Wesleyan Church’s Adopt-A-Block Director, said.

The Christian Shelter and Adopt a Block recognize that families are struggling right now, so they decided to have a giveaway.

They will be handing out boxes of food and items like coats, blankets, and school supplies, behind the Christian Shelter and at East Salisbury Elementary.

“We want to be a blessing to the community in the midst of a pandemic, we know that families are having problems with challenges with feeding,” Anthony Dickerson, Executive Director at the Christian Shelter, said.

Mark Thompson, the director of Adopt-A- Block hopes Saturday will be a one stop shop for people with the help of volunteers.

He said they will also be offering rental assistance.

“We have brought people together to solve problems, to solve issues, and get things done not sit back and say who’s going to get the credit people need things,” Thompson, said.

While this will be a day of giving, we are also told this is an example of groups coming together to make a positive impact in Wicomico County.

“We can do it better, when we do it together and so that’s powerful, when we pull our resources together and to help the community that’s what we should be doing,” Dickerson said.

We are told at each giveaway location they will start at 9 a.m.

The Christian Shelter said they are still looking for volunteers to help.

Adopt-A-Block and the Christian Shelter said this won’t be the last time they will do these distributions.

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