Push for MD bill to continue allowing alcohol and drug trainees to provide telehealth counseling after pandemic

MARYLAND- A bill that would allow Alcohol and Drug Trainees to continue to provide telehealth counseling after the COVID-19 pandemic was just heard in the Senate Tuesday.

Senator Mary Beth Carozza said for the past 10 months telehealth services have increased.

She added that there was a 12% increase on overdose deaths from 2019 to 2020.

She said seeing the overdose numbers, along with how well telehealth is working, shows why it is crucial in continuing to provide these services by trainees.

“We cant lose sight that we need to continue to make progress on our opioid war and that we still have that ongoing, we have so many people still effected, with opioid addictions,” Sen. Mary Beth Carozza, (R) MD District 38, said.

Senator Carozza said during the hearing Tuesday there was strong support for it and there was no opposition.

She added that on the Eastern Shore we have a shortage of these drug and alcohol counselors with trainees making up 40% of the workforce providing these services.

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