Ministries coming together to get communities vaccinated and educated about COVID-19 vaccines

DELMARVA- Ministries on Delmarva are using their alliances to raise awareness and trust about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Bishop Dean Evans, who is a part of the Watchman One Voice alliance, said these ministries work together to try and address concerns in communities.

Evans said right now they are trying to address the fears of the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as accessibility to it.

He said that in this critical moment education and networking is key to getting shots in more arms.

“With the amount of deaths that we’ve seen in this last year coming close to almost 500,000, I mean that number by itself should encourage us to do all that we can, and to come together to do whatever we can,” Bishop Dean Evans, Second Vice President of United Baptist Missionary Conference of MD, said.

Evans said it’s exciting to see all of these communities coming together to try and impact people on a greater scale.

The alliance is trying to get transportation for those who don’t have a way to get to their vaccination appointments.

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