Live Green: 6 Kings Farm

GUMBORO, DE- Tricia King expanded her parents farm from Bishopville, Maryland to a new location in Gumboro, Delaware, where she continues to practice their sustainable farming methods. Check out this week’s Live Green with the 6 Kings Farm.

6 Kings Farm in Gumboro, Delaware knows the perks of working with pollinators. While pollinators, like honeybees, fertilize crops across the country, they are also producing about 40 billion dollars worth of product in the United States alone, according to researchers.

“It’s really important for us to work with pollinators because they are key in maintaining our ecosystems, habitats for wildlife and for ourselves,” explained Tricia King.

Farm owner Tricia King tells us not only do the honeybees at 6 Kings Farm fertilize their plants, they also produce honey. Something they host organically – meaning they don’t use harmful chemicals. Plus Tricia, collects beeswax to create a sustainable alternative to plastic cling wrap.

“We went through and collected all of our wax that had been left behind by our honeybees. We cleaned all of our equipment and melted this down to create our beeswax wrap,” said King.

Plus, this beeswax wrap is reusable – you only need to use cold water to wash it before its next use. In addition to her own green efforts, Tricia also partners with other eco-friendly businesses.

“One of the small things we do to be sustainable is instead of printing out instruction cards for our beeswax wraps, we actually purchased wildflower paper from another small business,” stated King.

Wildflower paper is made out of wildflower seeds, which means it can be planted back into the Earth after you read the instructions. Further demonstrating the 6 kings farm commitment to creating a sustainable legacy on Delmarva.

For more information regarding Tricia’s livestock and products, you can contact her on her website.
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