Hooper’s Island Oyster Co. gets a visit from the Governor

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CAMBRIDGE, Md. – Governor Larry Hogan was on the shore Friday and spent time at Hooper’s Island Oyster Company. The governor recognized the hard work they’ve put in to stay afloat during the pandemic.

Like any business, they were hit hard by the pandemic, but the governor paid them a visit to observe their facility, and listen to their story. “I take tremendous pride in what they do here and I know it meant a ton, and to be able to thank him personally was special,” says David Vincent, director of business development at Hooper’s Island Oyster Co.

Hooper’s Island Oyster Company is the premier resource for equipment, product and seed serving consumers, growers and conservationists in the area. Many companies, like this one were able to take advantage of government funding to support them through these rough times. “So being able to expand our markets and provide shucked product in a different equipment then we’ve manufactured to be able to do that,” says Ricky Fitzhugh, managing partner at Hooper’s Island Oyster Co.

With the closing of restaurants, company management said their sales were off by 60%. However, with the government’s help, this gave them a chance to increase their manufacturing proficiency and gain some ground. They say they still have high hopes for this year. “So Our biggest wish for 2021 would be restaurants open back up and see our farm get back to where it was pre-pandemic,” says Fitzhugh.

Governor Hogan stated, he enjoys seeing businesses recover during during this pandemic and seeing how government funding can truly assist businesses that need it most. Vincent says, “Folks here that have built this business, they’re just hard working smart people and I’m happy to be just a little part of it and I know what it meant today for them to see the Governor.” Fitzhugh adds, “We’re honored to have him here and to show what we’re doing, bigger things being able to show him what the programs that they’re doing and how they’re affecting small businesses and keeping them open.”

Hooper’s Island Oyster Company managers and directors also say to continue supporting the oyster industry, whether it be purchasing oysters from your local market or at a restaurant. If you want to learn more about the company and ways you can support the industry, just check out their website.

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