BVSPCA helping more than 100 animals from Texas as the state faces challenges from the winter storm

GEORGETOWN, Del.- Harsh winter conditions sweeping through Texas are impacting animal shelters.

That’s why all hands were on deck Sunday as members from the Brandywine Valley SPCA welcomed more than 100 dogs and cats to Delaware.

“We are helping three local shelters down there evacuate some of those animals from those shelters who are suffering from the hazardous winter conditions,” Walter Fenstermacher, Director of Operations, BVSPCA, said.

Two rescue flights filled with animals flew from Fort Worth.

One of the flights landing in Georgetown, the other in New Castle.

The Brandywine Valley SPCA said the shelters these animals are coming from are facing challenges with the winter storm.

“Those poor shelters down there have been without power they’re having trouble with water, they’ve got low temperatures that are dangerous for their animals,” Linda Torelli, Marketing Director, BVSPCA, said.

This is why Brandywine Valley SPCA said they feel grateful to step in and offer their resources.

“We really love to be able to help whenever we are able to in the event of a natural disaster or an emergency such as this,” Fenstermacher said.

“When any of us see these types of stories, we can almost feel what it would be like to be in these shoes; any community would want to know they’ve got friends across the country that are going to help them if they’re in a time of trouble,” Torelli said.

Now that the animals are in Delaware, the shelter hopes that the the community will continue to support them moving forward.

“Either adopt, spread the word to other folks that can adopt or make a donation on our website because we are spreading out resources so thin to handle this intake,” Torelli said.

Those animals will be going up for adoption starting this upcoming Tuesday.

We are told you do not have to make an appointment to adopt, but the shelters are limiting the amount of guests in the facilities at a time.

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