Six retired nurses coming back to lend a helping hand during the pandemic

SALISBURY, Md.- While nurses are in short supply COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

So, six retired nurses decided to step in to help give out vaccines.

We spoke with three of the nurses who said TidalHealth was looking for clinical support to give out vaccines.

They add as retirees they like to still stay active so this was the perfect opportunity to keep themselves busy.

It is also a great way to give back to the community when it’s needed most.

“We’re having fun, we are getting terrific feedback from the patients, some of them are crying,” Sharon Malone, retiree of 45 years of healthcare experience, said.

“They praise us like we’re Gods giving them a vaccine and it’s making me feel good to make them feel good,” Darlene Morcom, retiree 40 years of healthcare experience, said.

“We are getting more than what we’re giving because it makes us feel so good to be able to help the community to get through this problem,” Diane Smith, over 40 years Of healthcare experience, said.

Combined all six of these nurses provided 241 years of service.

They said this is the first week helping out and it all went very well.

They added that the hospital has been very organized and they will play it by ear on how long they will help.

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