Parent reacts to Worcester County Public Schools starting in-person learning soon

WORCESTER COUNTY, Md.- Worcester County Public Schools are returning to in-person learning Monday.

We spoke with a parent as they move into stage two of the transition.

On Friday, Superintendent Lou Taylor announced the change.

The plan is to have staff return to school tomorrow, as well as the following Tuesday, when they’ll start to welcoming back small groups of students.

A parent at Showell Elementary school says she would have liked for remote learning to end earlier.

She told us her child’s grades are suffering, but in-person learning could help change that.

“I think it will make a huge difference there are a lot of children that are struggling,” Lori Timmons, a Showell Elementary School parent, said.

“It’s frustrating because when he was in school before they closed in November he was doing great,” Timmons added.

The parent said that once the students go back to school she wants them to stay in school.

She feels that children will be safe as restrictions are in place for both teachers at kids.

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