Mega Million Jackpot at historic high in Maryland


We can dream-can’t we?
The Maryland Mega Million jackpot is a historic $750 million.
Timothy Willy bought a ticket to try and cut a cut of the action.
He doesn’t have to think about what he’d do should be be the lucky winner.

“I’m going to Myrtle beach!”

Tim is inspired, he often doesn’t buy lotto tickets, but this time, things are different.

“I usually wait ’til it gets up high like it is cause I’m probably not going to get over one number anyway but I’m going in there to get that one number. ”

“This is actually the second highest mega millions jackpot in history. And it is only the 5th largest us jackpot in history also.” says Bryan Kelly of Maryland Lotto and Gaming.

And you can help your local small business which may be facing hard times due to the pandemic- especially if you happen to be the lucky winner.

“A lot of the money goes to our retailers for instance if a retailer sold a winning ticket that retailer would stand to win 100k for both winning games.” says Kelly.

Tim is happy to help his local business, but he’s not sharing that money should he win.

“Ain’t got no girl I’m too old for a girl now I’m 62 years old.”

His plans are pretty simple once he gets to Myrtle Beach.
“It’s nice weather down there year round and I’m a buy a beach front condo and a dog and that’s where you’ll see every day out on the beach fishing”

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