Local politicians weigh in on the future of our country after Washington D.C. riots Wednesday

MARYLAND- Wednesday afternoon things took a turn in Washington D.C.

Protestors in support of President Donald Trump breached the Capitol building, while members of congress were inside, certifying the electoral college vote.

“I don’t know how many people were killed in the invasion of the British in 1814 of the capitol but that’s the analogy that we’re hearing now,” Dr. Samuel Hoff, George Washington Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History and Political Science at DSU said.

After the breach,  the entire House and Senate floors had to be evacuated and some lawmakers were told to shelter in place.

Some of our local US Senators, feel President Donald Trump is to blame for all of this.

“The way that he has led, the way that he has conducted himself has slowly and gradually built to what has happened yesterday,” Senator of Chris Coons, Maryland (D), said.

“Because of his statements and because of too many republicans house and senate members aided and abetted this false narrative you have people storming the capitol,” Senator Chris Van Hollen, Maryland (D), said.

However other local representatives,  like Congressman Andy Harris, feel this could have been avoided had both sides investigated the election further.

Regardless, Senator Chris Van Hollen said what happened at the capitol Wednesday will likely impact democracy and president elect Joe- Biden going forward.

“This division obviously makes it that much more difficult for incoming president Joe Biden to heal the wounds because millions of Americans have been fed these lies and conspiracy theories,” Sen. Van Hollen, said.

We’re told, it may also impact how the Electoral College Certification proceedings are done in the future.

“By in large I think the electoral college has done its job, but I think we’ll also see a renewed debate on the electoral college in itself,” Dr. Hoff said.

At the end of the day, some feel that after Wednesday’s events, President Donald Trump should be impeached or the 25th amendment should be invoked to remove him from office.

“Well if we are not going to use the 25 amendment in this moment then I’m not sure what its really for,” Sen. Coons said.

We are told that that Congress affirmed President- elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Senator Van Hollen added that President elect-Joe Biden has his work cut out for him and knows moving forward he is sincere when he says he wants to work with both sides of the party in the future.

Senator Coons said he thinks capitol police should have recognized that they were outnumbered and needed back up sooner.

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