Local congressman speaks out on Wednesday’s U.S. Capitol breach

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A pandemonium broke out at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday afternoon as supporters of President Donald Trump rallied outside and clashed with police officers, breached the building, and forced a lockdown.

47 ABC’s Julian Sadur reached out to local members of Congress, and so far we know that all members of the Delmarva Congressional Delegation are safe.

We spoke with Congressman Andy Harris, who was on the floor at the time protestors broke into the building. He echoed what we heard from the president just a while ago on Twitter, saying that people need to go home peacefully, but also that the election needs to be investigated.

“I was in the military I put on a uniform I will defend their right to peacefully protest every day of my life but when they start violent protests when they break windows when they disobey police orders not to enter grounds you have crossed the line you shouldn’t cross.” That’s Harris’ message to those protestors that were at the Capitol today, and to both his and the presidents’ supporters.

We did ask Congressman Harris if there would be a peaceful transition of power, and he said that President Trump would peacefully transition, but his supporters may not.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has announced that he has mobilized 500 Maryland National Guard members and is sending 200 Maryland State Police troopers to the Capitol.

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