Live Green: Dogfish Head & Dogfish Inn

REHOBOTH BEACH, DE– Dogfish Head is known for more than their brews. While they have multiple establishments throughout Delaware and even an Inn, they put sustainability at the forefront of their business. Check out this week’s Live Green.

Dogfish Head in Rehoboth Beach tells us they have placed an emphasis on being green, since they started brewing in 1995.

“We have a responsibility to the Earth. You know, everything we put on a plate or pour into a glass has been harvested from this earth. And we’re really proud of it. We have that responsibility to do good,” said Ryan Schwamberger.

A few sustainable practices they have include: sinks that turn off automatically and only giving paper straws upon request. Behind the scenes, they donate their shucked oyster shells to be planted in the Delaware Bay. These shells contribute to an artificial reef, which can help the oyster population and purify the water.

“Our Don’t Chuck Your Shucks program over at Chesapeake & Maine, where we give our oyster shells back, which is put on by the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays,” explained Schwamberger.

And Dogfish Head opened their INN in Lewes in 2014, which continues their water conservation efforts as the inn uses shower heads with a reduced flow rate in order to use less water.

“With 16 rooms, the flow rate is anywhere between 1.5 gallons to 1.75, which does not sound like a lot, but normal shower heads run at 2.5 and that’s per minute. And these low flow, high pressure shower heads do not compromise the guest experience,” said Andrew Greeley.

Plus, to minimize their waste, the INN provides guests with biodegradable toilet paper and reusable glassware, which demonstrates Dogfish Head’s commitment to a sustainable Delmarva.

“There’s going to be waste. It’s up to us to be stewards of the natural environment here in coastal Delaware. If we’re not making good decisions here, then we’re not living up to what we say we do,” stated Greeley.

Dogfish Head’s locations are open for business and following Delaware’s COVID-19 guidelines in order to provide guests with a safe experience. To find out more about their establishments and green initiatives, please visit their website.

And if you know a green business on Delmarva, please send their contact information to Meteorologist Sloane Haines.

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