Federalsburg Police Department 2020 annual report out, crime rates dropped while productivity increased

FEDERALSBURG, Md.- The Federalsburg Chief of Police had two main goals when he took over two years ago, lowering crime and increasing productivity.

Looking at the 2020 Annual Police Reports it appears he’s starting to reach them.

“So our goal coming into 2020 was simply to hold that number to keep it down, so we had fewer than 10 violent crimes and all those were assault related,” Chief Mike McDermott, from the Federalsburg Police Department, said.

Chief McDermott said in 2020 the department continued their progress from 2019 and held the line for violent and property crime rates.

Meanwhile, they were able to drop the total number of reported crimes and offenses by 18 percent.

“A lot of it is tied to productivity, so we increased police productivity by about 36 percent this year over last year which was up 240% over 2018, Chief McDermott said.

Chief McDermott said they did that in a variety of ways.

Including using surveillance systems, patrolling and communicating with residents and leaders as much as possible.

“It’s all about communication, if you communicate better you know your needs your problems your concerns,” Chief McDermott said

Residents we spoke with said they’ve noticed the positive changes.

“It’s definitely a lot better than it used to be,” Adam Blades, a resident, said.

“I think they are doing a pretty good job as I can tell, they’re always patrolling around,” George Kovacs, a resident, said.

But Chief McDermott said he’s not done and wants to continue making an impact in the area.

“We want to embrace a more aggressive crime prevention outlook for us,” Chief McDermott said. ” We are going to be looking at what more we can do with traffic, where can we impact our traffic accidents.”

We are told 2020 was the first in decades where the department was at full strength.

Because of this we are told they had the ability to now have a detective position.

Chief McDermott added that the property crime rate continued to decrease in 2020- by dropping 9 percent.

He added that in the future they are looking to partner with local businesses in the are to expand surveillance coverage.

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