Efforts to reduce infant and maternal mortality among black population

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DELAWARE – The Division of Public Health and the Delaware Healthy Mother and Infant Consortium (DHMIC) were awarded mini-grants in the efforts to help reduce disparate birth outcomes and save infant and maternal lives.

The grant is said to help narrow the wide variance in poor birth outcomes between black women and white women, build state and local capacity and test small scale innovative strategies.

Health officials also say this grant will improve public and professional awareness of the issues related to improving maternal health outcomes before, during and after pregnancies, especially for women of color.

A doctor told 47 abc, they’re dedicated to assisting mothers during and after pregnancy and promoting healthy babies.

“So black women living in certain communities are at higher risk of having a baby die and having health problems after pregnancy,” says Co-chairmen of DHMIC, Dr. David Paul. “We have to make communities healthier and we have to give back to our communities in order to make mothers healthy and babies healthy.”

If you are a mother or a soon-to-be mother, you can visit DEThrives.com for more information about breastfeeding and pregnancy.

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