DSU collaborating with other HBCU’s to share skills and tools through first-of-a kind initiative

DOVER, Del.- Delaware State University is partnering with a new global campus in Atlanta to support innovative learning and Development for HBCU’s.

The partnership was announced Wednesday that DSU will be collaborating with the Propel Center and the entire HBCU community to bring both students and faculty new skills and tools to use in the workforce.

The project is part of Apple’s $100 million dollar “Racial Equity and Justice Initiative” to help combat injustice.

This first-of-its kind initiative is something DSU is eager to see.

“I think that between faculty exchanges, students being able to have a broader view of the world by participating through a network of HBCU’s and industry that’s supporting this effort its going to be a great thing overall for our industry,” Dr. Vita Pickrum, VP of Institutional Advancement, said.

We are told DSU will have their first meeting Friday to talk about launching the program.

Del State students will access “Propel Center’s” online digital learning- and to the center in Atlanta.

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