Demand for travel nurses soar as hospitals continue to see rise in COVID-19 cases

MARYLAND- As COVID-19 cases continue to rise throughout the nation, we are told the demand for travel nurses is increasing.

“Throughout the COVID response nationwide though we are finding that securing those temporary staffing positions are extraordinarily challenging at times,” Sarah Arnett, VP of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer, said.

A nurse at TidalHealth in Salisbury says that adding more nurses to their hospital staff is part of the surge plan and allows them to be more prepared.

“But when you’re being told to expect a number of patients you don’t normally take care of you want to ensure that you have the amount of staff to take care of those patients safely,” Arnett said.

Meanwhile, at Atlantic General in Berlin, they say what they’re seeing at their location is a little different.

“What we have seen here is that we continue to increase our rates to try and match with the market is offering, but we’ve seen very little response, in actually acquiring travel nurses,” Matt Morris, VP Patient Care at Atlantic General, said.

Staff at both Atlantic General and TidalHealth said that while the extra support helps them meet volume demands now the need may continue going forward.

“We expect that there will be a great need for staff throughout the spring and we will continue to do our best to manage that again with external resources and internal resources,” Morris said.

Both hospitals said that it’s not just nursing staff they need right now, a lot of other disciplines, like respiratory therapy staff are just as important.

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