Celebrating Black History Month with virtual celebration, family member honors his heritage with mural

CRISFIELD, Md.- The town of Crisfield will soon be celebrating Black History Month, but this year the celebration will be held virtually.

The Crisfield Arts & Entertainment District Project and It Takes a Village partnered for the virtual celebration that will begin on February 6.

We are told the first event of the month will be a live video showcasing the Barkley family’s heritage whose history is deeply tied to the community.

The Barkley family will share their story with a mural that was painted on their garage.

Its display honors the accomplishment of Mr. Barkley’s father and uncle.

We are told telling the family’s story is important, as residents today may not be aware of the impact the Barkley family had on the community.

“So, the young people can realize that in spite of obstacles many things are possible for them,” Elmer Barkley, who is showcasing his family history, said.

“It’s very important because there are people who have done great things without anybody knowing it,” Josefine Barkley, Elmer’s wife, said.

We are told Elmer’s father was a farmer that used to carry produce to different states.

His uncle was also a farmer- and also was the first African American physician in Crisfield.

If you’d like to watch the livestream of the event come February, it starts at 11am and can be seen on the Crisfield Arts Facebook Page.

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