A request for a vaccine for children

MARYLAND – Many parents and teachers in the area say they’re frustrated with the recent back and forth between in-person learning and virtual learning. Even with teachers now being able to receive the vaccine, they say they haven’t gotten any word about how the children’s health will be affected.

“Right now we have the worst numbers in the state of Maryland with positivity case rates,” says William David Bromwell, superintendent of Dorchester County Schools

Dorchester county as well as many other local counties say they’re struggling with COVID even after a year. Another major concern that many parent’s and teachers are voicing, is whether or not children will ever be able to get a vaccine.

“We have data that shows COVID-19 has gone from our young students all the way up,” adds Bromwell.

According to health department officials, there is still a good amount of research to be done regarding the virus.  However with the recent push to get teachers and children back to in-person learning, many are wondering why a vaccine for children hasn’t been made.

Bromwell says, “yes I’d go ahead an recommend it and I certainly wish we had supply that we could get it to our kids.” Bromwell also adds, he’s been in constant communication with the Dorchester County health department on the timeline of getting vaccines for their teachers.

Dorchester county schools are still doing virtual learning, but Bromwell says a vaccine could put parent’s and teacher’s minds at ease about returning to in-person.

“Is this a safe situation to put a large number of people in a building from pre-k kids all the way up to adults,” asks Bromwell, “we want to get our students back as soon as possible but we want to be safe when we do it.”

I spoke with multiple health departments in the area including the Maryland health department, and they echo the same thing that there is no word on when or if a vaccine will ever be made available for children under the age of 16.

“If more vaccines and the supply is available, and it’s available to young students and we also get closer to 100 percent that our employees take the vaccine, yeah I’d feel a lot more comfortable,” states Bromwell.

Bromwell tells 47 abc, Dorchester county teachers and faculty who want the vaccine can get theirs next Friday January 29th. However, as of right now there is no information given about a potential vaccine for children under the age of 16.

Bromwell also says he hopes to get school back to in-person learning by February 2nd, but that is not a set date. If you want to learn more about when you are eligible to receive the vaccine, you can visit coronavirus.maryland.gov.

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