A call for volunteers for abused children


DELAWARE – The Office of the Child Advocate in Delaware, is looking to expand it’s efforts to represent abused and neglected children in the state, but they need the help of volunteers.

This is for their Court Appointed Special Advocate Program (CASA), something that uses volunteers as a vessel to investigate suspicions of abuse, and to serve as an advocate for children.

Volunteers work with attorneys, social workers, and family members to find a permanent home for each child. Program coordinators say, there was actually a decrease in reports of child abuse at the start of the pandemic, and they believe that’s because more kids were learning from home, away from teachers who might notice signs of abuse

However, as more children returned to the classroom, and teachers learned to search for virtual signs of abuse, reports began to ramp up again, so they need more volunteers.

“The hot-line calls that the Delaware division of family services is receiving are really great, really pretty horrific, situations we’re tough before COVID,” says CASA Training Director, Lauren Brueckner. She also states “The child welfare system as a whole is there to be supportive and help families overcome obstacles and the CASA program is part of that.”

Brueckner also says, many of their trainings are virtual and their first training of the year begins February 3rd. If you’re interested in volunteering, you can reach out directly to Brueckner at lauren.brueckner@delaware.gov, or visit their website.

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