A call for more resources in the homeless community


WICOMICO CO., – Recently, some community members expressed a want for the state to provide shelter and resources for COVID positive homeless people.
One shelter director addressed these issues about having to deal with shelter restrictions, and how they feel about what is actually going on in the homeless community.

Across the Delmarva Peninsula there are homeless shelters that are willing and able to help those who want to help themselves. However, the major concern is what about those who are homeless who aren’t ready for help and worse, those who are positive for COVID-19.

We need diverse shelters that’s going to address the various missions, the various scenarios,” says Executive Director of the Christian Shelter in Salisbury, Anthony Dickerson

Dickerson  says, they’re able to provide those who are ready for help with many resources. For instance, they offer a high school diploma program, housing, and they refer people to other homeless shelters  if for some reason they aren’t able to provide for them themselves.

However, Dickerson believes that at this moment during the pandemic, more could be done. “State legislative can play a role of providing different type of resources based on a person’s mission.”

One county council member who wasn’t able to speak on camera says, there are resources already available within the county. They state that they’re already doing everything they can to provide the homeless with different forms of help.

But Dickerson tells 47 abc, with more resources in the area such as an additional resource center for the homeless overflow, it could make all the difference.

“It’s only so much resources out there, there’s only so much people can do,” adds Dickerson.

Dickerson urges those who are homeless to take advantage of the resources already in place, until more help is provided by the state. He also adds that the community plays a key role in helping those who are homeless get back on their feet.

If you’d like to learn more about homeless resources currently available, you can visit this website.

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