TidalHealth now offering noninvasive treatment for depression

Depression Treatment

SALISBURY, Md. – TidalHealth has a new way to treat major depressive disorder and the Salisbury hospital is the first behavioral health provider in the region to offer the service.

The treatment is known as transcranial magnetic stimulation or TMS for short. The NeuroStar Advanced Therapy service uses magnetic pulses to awaken areas of the brain that are underactive in depression.

One doctor at TidalHealth says he’s optimistic about this treatment option for people who do not achieve remission with antidepressant medication and they’re already seeing results. “We are seeing a big improvement so I think there is good evidence there and we are experiencing it first hand that they are getting good benefits off of this treatment that we are offering,” says Dr. Ovais Khalid, TidalHealth Peninsula Regional Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic adult psychiatrist.

Dr. Ovais Khalid says this noninvasive treatment does not have side effects like other treatments for depression. The non-drug therapy is available by prescription and typically administered daily in a doctor’s office for four to six weeks. Treatment sessions are performed in as little as 19 minutes.

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