Plan for affordable health care for Delaware residents

DELAWARE – The Delaware Department of Insurance is essentially looking to strengthen the state’s primary care through increased investment. The state’s insurance commissioner, Trinidad Navarro says this report  is coming at a crucial time.

“Really what’s happening is, the patients, consumers like me and you, are being left out in the cold and with no or very few options,” says Navarro.

Recently the Delaware Department of Insurance released a report highlighting the various ways the state can strengthen it’s primary care. One way involves more than doubling primary care spending in the commercial fully-insured market by 2025.

Another way includes decreasing price growth for certain healthcare services, and expanding the use of payment models that aim to improve healthcare value.

Navarro explains, “increase the spend on primary care with the challenge of not raising health insurance costs, and we believe we’ve found a way to do that.”

To put it in more simple terms, this plan aims to recruit more primary care doctors, and with more doctors and practices, the more patients that can be treated at a more affordable cost.

“Has a lot of benefits in just helping keep the primary docs here , and pay them more and work towards that value based health care delivery so that it helps everyone in the community,” says Navarro.

The overall goal of this plan is to keep people out of the hospitals by making primary care doctors more available, and more affordable. But Navarro also says, this report is just the beginning of a long process.

Navarro states, “this is not something we can do over night, this will take some time to implement the program soon.”

Commissioner Navarro also says, tele-health services will play a key role in this plan because it allows more patients to be seen by primary care physicians. The Delaware Department of Insurance says they will be accepting public comment on the report until January 25, 2021.

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