Live Green: Swamp Boy Handicraft

BERLIN, MD- The skin care products found at Swamp Boy Handicraft are created with an emphasis on giving back to the environment. Check out this week’s Live Green with Garrett Neeb, the owner of Swamp Boy Handicraft.

On his family’s farm in Berlin, Maryland, Garrett Neeb, the owner of Swamp Boy Handicraft, was looking for new crops to grow– which is when he decided to begin growing herbs.

“We started out with two different types of lavender. We grow grasso, which is known as a high oil producing variety of lavender which is nice for our distillerations, and munsdead, which is good for culinary applications,” said Garrett Neeb.

Aside from lavender, Garrett grows calendula, John’s Wart and more. He uses these herbs to create all natural skin care products like salves and lip balms. Before the herbs reach product development, Garrett ensures he organically grows and maintains his vegetation.

“So we began in September and will continue into December, we pick the leaves falling from trees on a daily basis and we will pool them back to cover up our crops. It keeps the top soil in place and adds beneficial components to the soil,” said Neeb.

By adding organic materials to the soil, the owner is amending the soil to add nutrients for the herbs to grow and adapting the soil to support herbs that are not native to Delmarva. Plus, these extra substances help attract organisms to pollinate and live off the plants.

“In the summer it’s nice to see the lavender in full bloom and we can see all the bees and pollinators swarming around,” exclaimed Neeb.

Through these efforts, Garrett is able to create an ecosystem on his farm that supports Delmarva’s wildlife. Plus, he uses all natural materials like beeswax and coconut oil with his herbs to produce an organic skin care line that is healthy for you and the environment.

Swamp Boy Handicraft also produces hydrosols, which are a diluted version of essential oils. To find these products and learn more about the business, the owner says he frequents the Berlin farmer’s market when it is open and you can also visit his website.

And if you know a green business on Delmarva, please send their contact information to Meteorologist Sloane Haines.

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