Wicomico County voters hit the polls on Election Day

WICOMICO CO., Md. – Officials say the Wicomico County Civic Center was their busiest polling location on Election Day.

“This is our chance to exercise our God given rights as Americans to vote and I will make sure my vote is counted,” says Paul Reeves, a Wicomico County voter.

Wicomico County voters hit the polls Tuesday to make their voices heard in an election that may see record turnout.

“I came out to make sure mine was heard,” says Bryan Daniels, a Wicomico County voter. “Every vote counts, you know?”

Another Wicomico County voter, Milton Minchala Ortiz, says he has heard many are voting for the first time this year. “They say ‘oh this is my first time voting.’ I said, ‘how come?’ So that means people are waking up.”

“It’s unbelievable. I’ve never seen this kind of turnout, which is great,” says David Reichenberg, a Wicomico County voter.

While the length of the line fluctuated all day at the Wicomico County Civic Center, most voters said it was quicker and easier to cast their ballot than they thought it was going to be. “I just was here 45 minutes total and it was very quick and easy and very organized just breezed through it so great,” says Karen Dolch, a Wicomico County voter.

“If there wasn’t early voting, we would’ve been in a lot of trouble today,” says Reichenberg.

Meanwhile, the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office was out patrolling polling locations as usual to make sure everything went smoothly. “Anybody who might get out of hand, arguing, the emotions might be high at the polling places today. They may call us for assistance because of that or traffic problems anything along that nature. We’re here just on standby,” says Lt. Tim Robinson.

Some voters also said they didn’t realize their polling locations were not open this Election Day but they knew the Civic Center would be open so they went there instead.

At 4 PM on Tuesday, officials said there was about a 62 percent total voter turnout including mail-in ballots, early voting and in-person turnout. By 4 PM, they saw about 7,600 ballots cast in person. They’ve had about 13,600 mail in ballots processed so far but they expect that to go up because of those postmarked on Election Day. As for early voting, about 19-thousand voted during that time which is a number they don’t think they’ve hit before.

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