Pet shelters encourage you to think through holiday pet adoptions

DELAWARE – During the holiday season, people often adopt puppies or kittens as gifts, but local animal shelters are urging you to really put some thought into that decision before you adopt.

The Brandywine Valley SPCA says they typically see an uptick in adoptions this time of year, but they want to ensure their animals are truly going to their forever homes. That’s why they’re asking that you consider your family situation, both in the short term and the long term, before you fill out those adoption papers and bring home a furry friend.

Linda Torelli with the Brandywine Valley SPCA said, “So think about what size will that animal be, particularly in the case of dogs. What kind of time do you have for training and exercise? Do you have kids in your house? Do you have other animals? Just making sure you’re thinking through for the long run that they’ll be a good fit with the household environment.”

The Brandywine Valley SPCA says you should also be prepared to pay for vet bills. When it comes to dogs, they say you should be ready to go for walks with them both late at night and in the early morning.

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