Live Green: Rawdesigns

BERLIN, MD– This holiday season, consider supporting local businesses for all of your holiday needs. You never know what locally made, eco-friendly gifts you could give to your loved ones. Check out this week’s Live Green with Rachel Wisniewski of Rawdesigns.

Rawdesigns was created with two goals in mind: sustainability and functionality. The owner, Rachel Wisniewski, tells us she wanted to create natural pieces of art with a purpose.

“All the little components that make a house a home, so I thought I would make little pieces that you could tell a story that is in your house that somebody made. So, with the idea of the functionality of what makes a house,” said Rachel Wisniewski.

Wisniewski says she makes charcuterie boards, tables, and more, all from her home in Berlin, Maryland. Rawdesigns just connected with a local arborist to collect wood from trees that were cut down for a reason.

“I know exactly where the wood is coming from. The trees are being cut down because of power lines or storm damage. I’m not just cutting trees to make wood,” explained Wisniewski.

By giving these trees a second purpose, the owner says she is preventing them from becoming waste.  Aside from the wood, Rawdesigns’ products are finished with either a food grade safe resin or vegan oils. And if you want something that is not on the website, you can connect with her to create what you want.

“I’m a one lady show. I do all of my social media, website, the crafting. Not only give small businesses patience for the products because we are pumping them out as fast as we can. But, you’re going to get a more unique experience with small business owners,” said Wisniewski.

By shopping local this holiday season at businesses, like Rawdesigns, you are minimizing your carbon footprint as you are not traveling far for gifts  and you are purchasing eco-friendly items, all while supporting local businesses during these unprecedented times.

The owner says she uploads a lot of new products onto her Instagram daily, you can connect with her @rawdesignslbc on that platform or you can place an order on her website.

As always, if you know a green business you can send their contact information to Meteorologist Sloane Haines.

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