Kids making a difference this holiday season with cards


BRIDGEVILLE, Del.- This Thanksgiving Eve, some children in Bridgeville came together to make holiday cards for essential workers and veterans during these hard times.

“It gives them energy to keep going, it gives them motivation to help other people,” Lilyan Farris, a volunteer, said.

“I’m thinking about everyone who I can give them to and how it would improve how they do stuff,” Zander Whaley, a volunteer, said.

15-year-old, Shelby Farris, who started “HeartArt” Campaign 4 years ago, makes designs on cards and gives them to organizations so they then can pass them out in the community.

During the pandemic, she launched a new campaign called “Make a Difference From Your Desk Campaign” to send cards to veterans and essential workers.

“I knew I wanted to do some thing with COVID and to help spread awareness and help the people who are impacted by it,” Shelby Farris, said.

Farris and her volunteers said this campaign is even more important right now with holidays coming up because many cant celebrate how they usually would.

They want to make sure veterans and front line workers know they are appreciated.

“I think they would say thank you I love them,”Raelynne Vanmete, a volunteer, said.

“They can always have that card to look at to bring them a smile and to know that their loved, while doing their job,” Cera Whaley, a volunteer, said.

Shelby said while she knows these holiday cards are going to bring a light into other lives, it also brings her joy.

“I feel so lucky to be able to help such a wide variety of people we are able to help people who are veterans who are in hospitals who don’t necessarily get to have the classic Thanksgiving with your family,” Shelby Farris said.

Farris said this Fall season she collected 5,000 cards, but throughout all of her years she’s collected around 30,000 cards.

She added that she will be starting a new contest November 27 where people can draw a picture to use for their Valentine’s for Veteran Soldiers project.

They will then choose designs that they will use and the winners will also get art supplies.

The contest ends December 31.

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