Code Purple Kent County seeks volunteers, donations

DOVER, Del. – After months of careful preparations, the organization Code Purple Kent County will be opening their emergency sanctuary for the homeless on December 1st, but they need your help.

The director of the organization Ennio Emmanuel says it’s been harder to raise money this year because of the pandemic.

But thanks to support from local churches, the Delaware Community Foundation, and the Division of Public Health they’ve still been able to provide shelter for those in need. And in order to best serve the homeless community, they’re still looking for items like frozen meals, water bottles, coats, sleeping bags, and much more.

“This year we reached out to a whole lot more people than ever before and people have been answering back,” said Ennio Emmanuel, director at the Code Purple Kent County.

“Am I still worried about some circumstances? Yeah because you don’t know what you’re going to encounter when the time comes, but I feel confident that we’re gonna meet the mark,” said Emmanuel.

Click here for more information about how you can volunteer or make a donation.

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