Cambridge mayoral race headed for runoff election

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – In Cambridge, incumbent Victoria Jackson-Stanley and Andrew Bradshaw are competing in a runoff election to become the city’s next mayor on December 1st.

Jackson-Stanley the city’s first black woman to become mayor says she’s running for reelection because there’s still a lot of work to do.

“Well, being the mayor for 12 years you would think I’ve run out of ideas and out of vision, but I haven’t,” said Jackson-Stanley.

Jackson-Stanley says a lot of projects like the Pine Street Revitalization, a new hospital on Route 50, and the Waterfront Development are still in progress and she wants to keep being a part of that. On top of that, she’s pushing to support the youth with safe spaces for them to play.

“Safe structured activities and that is one of the things that if given the opportunity once more I will make sure that we work with the various partnerships here in Cambridge,” said Jackson-Stanley.

“Be it the county, the state, even civic groups,” said Jackson-Stanley.

Meanwhile, businessman Andrew Bradshaw says while he’s also working on youth development he’s also bringing new fresh ideas to the table.

“People want to see fresh new perspectives and they want energetic government here and they want people and leaders who are going out in the community and that’s what I’m going to provide,” said Bradshaw.

Bradshaw who is also a volunteer firefighter says there needs to be more transparency between the people and their city leaders. He’s also looking to improve the city’s spending so that they’re able to hire more police officers, among other things.

“They run from call to call to call and I’d like to see a time where we can get a couple more officers on each beat so that that officer can be on the street in the neighborhoods talking to community residents, tossing a football with kids,” said Bradshaw.

“Better budgetary spending and also continued efforts to one have people invest in the community and to bring people here who will contribute to the community and keep those here who are contributing now,” said Bradshaw.

Jackson-Stanley adds she’s also proud of things like the Harriet Tubman mural outside the Harriet Tubman Museum and Educational Center that was done under her watch.

“We have the national park that has been dedicated to her legacy,” said Jackson-Stanley.

“We have the mural that has received international recognition and that’s all been done under my watch because I recognize, and I support, and I honor the legacy of Harriet,” said Jackson-Stanley.

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