Salisbury school support center now open for students, parents

SALISBURY, Md. – After months of planning and preparation, members of Rebirth Incorporated have finally opened their Virtual School Support Center in Salisbury to help give minorities and students of color access to a quality education.

“We are here in this capacity to help families integrate to the virtual school world,” said program director, Natalie Saint-Phard.

Once schools in Maryland decided to have students learn online this year, program organizers say they realized minority students were struggling with access to reliable internet, and understanding the virtual world.

“The technology gap in our minority community or people of color is quite a bit,” said Rebirth Inc., executive director, Habacuc Petion.

“There were some children that were getting left behind, some of them weren’t able to login some of them were missing devices,” said Saint-Phard.

And thus, the idea to open a virtual school support center was born. Where students can now go to have access to reliable internet and meet with tutors who are fluent in other languages like Spanish and Creole.

“We are going to help the kids make up work, or help them with doing homework,” aid Petion.

But it’s not just for children. Organizers say adults can also come to the center to learn how to use technology, and take what they’ve learned and apply it at home.

“We are here to kind of be that support system that they need to help them integrate, to help them login, to help answer any questions or concerns they may have,” said Saint-Phard.

Program organizers add that in order to make this center work for everyone, it’s going to take the support of an entire community.

“We need all the parts, all the minds, all the collaborative efforts to make this happen and for it to be a success for everyone,” said Saint-Phard.

The only thing the center is now waiting on to receive is computers for their computer lab. Organizers add that if a student is coming to the center they must be accompanied by a parent or adult, ad everyone must follow CDC guidelines and wear a mask.

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