Perdue volunteers, Chesapeake Housing Mission build wheelchair ramp at retired employee’s home

SALISBURY, Md. – About fifteen volunteers from Perdue Farms helped build a wheelchair ramp for a former employee of theirs in Salisbury on Thursday.

It was a team effort with Chesapeake Housing Mission, non-profit organization that provides vital home repair to low-income families in the Chesapeake Region of Maryland. The retired Perdue employee worked there for 45 years. They all participated in a prayer before the build started and it only took a couple of hours for them to finish.

The daughter of the retired employee says she has mobility issues and didn’t feel safe getting into her home so she’s incredibly thankful for this free ramp. “It just give you hope that things are going to get better and things are going to change and it’s always good to see something good because there’s so much going on that’s so wrong in the world today,” says Miranda Edwards.

“She’s a wonderful person. I used to work beside her literally in quality assurance so it’s special to see her and the need she has for this,” says Jim Perdue, the Chairman of Perdue Farms.

Jim Perdue says this build was part of Perdue’s 100 year anniversary celebration. The Perdue Foundation also celebrated that milestone this year by donating one-million dollars to rural food banks.

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