‘One person makes a difference’: 13-year-old collecting 1,200 meals for the homeless


SALISBURY, Md. –  One 13-year-old girl in Salisbury is on a mission to raise over one thousand meals by Thanksgiving.

“Oftentimes when you’re thinking about people who are without a house, you’re also thinking where are they getting their meals from?” Savanna Brooks said.

But this holiday season, some people experiencing homelessness in Salisbury won’t have to worry where they’re getting their meals from, and it’s all thanks to Savanna. Her mission to donate meals to those in need started with a phone call from Savanna’s mom, Heather, to Christine Chestnutt, who works with Housing First Salisbury.

“She contacted me one day last week and asked about how many meals we could use, and I was thinking it was going to be a small scale thing,” Christine said.

But Savanna doesn’t do “small scale” when it comes to helping those in need, so she told Christine she had a goal of collecting over one thousand meals for the hungry.

“I was like, 1200 meals?! So I was like… wow!,” Christine said.

Which couldn’t be more needed, as Christine says the colder months typically bring an increased demand for food in the area.

“Being able to provide those people that are going to be outside during this cold weather an additional meal that they may not otherwise have access to is something that we could not do without donations,” Christine explained.

Christine adds that she wasn’t surprised to hear of Savanna’s mission, as the 13-year-old is well known for helping those who need it most.

“She realizes that one person makes a difference, and her efforts to help those in need, whatever that looks like, it’s not always the homeless, it’s other people, but it’s incredible,” Christine said of Savanna.

But it’s not even a second thought for Savanna, who just wants to do her part and make sure every person has a warm meal this holiday season.

“It makes me feel super awesome, like I’m hopefully making a positive difference in my community that’s going to last into the future,” the 13-year-old said.

Savanna and her mom will be outside of the Salisbury parking garage on November 8th to collect those meals. They say they prefer them to be in a brown bag format, and more details on that can be found on Savanna’s Facebook page called Lights, Camera, Kindness. If people are not able to donate items that day, Savanna says she and her mom are accepting Venmo donations and they will then go buy the food. Those donations can be sent to Heather at Heather-Brooks-30.

Savanna’s mission is actually part of a larger Race to Kindness initiative started by a 10-year-old named Orion Jean in Texas. Savanna, who was named the Think Kindness speech winner in 2018, reached out to Orion after he won the competition this year. Since then, the two have been working on how to spread kindness and positivity in their communities.

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