Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls: Ocean City house decked out for Halloween

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Ghosts, skeletons, clowns, and more – that’s what you’ll find at one house in Ocean City that is truly taking Halloween decorations to the next level. In what has really been a scary year, the homeowner says it’s all to bring joy to other people.

“I think the biggest thing for me is the smiles that it brings to people’s faces,” Mark Jahnke, the man behind the magic (or, the scares, we should say) said. “I love seeing when people come by and they’ll sit out here with their cars, they’ll be walking by, sometimes people come by with a glass of wine, a cocktail in their hand, and it’s just fun to come out and talk to them and see that they appreciate it.”

This Halloween will be his fourth in this house, but the scares actually started in another states years ago. Mark says he started the decoration extravaganza when he was stationed in New Jersey. When you see all the decorations, you’d probably think ‘that must take a scary amount of time to set up!’ And you’d be right.

“It’s not an easy process getting everything up, it usually takes week,” Mark explained.

And after Halloween, the spookiest day of the year, comes and goes, all of these decorations get taken back up into Mark’s attic, waiting for their time to shine, or scare, next year. But don’t worry, he says once these goblins are buried away, he’s got more holiday magic up his sleeve.

“When I bring them up, I’ll bring the Christmas decorations down,” he said.

All of this holiday magic just to bring smile’s to people’s faces, especially in what has been truly a scary year.

“In this day and age with covid and the pandemic, it’s something small that I can do that’s going to bring joy to somebody else,” Mark said.

Mark says the decorations are best seen at night because that’s when all the lights are on, which of course adds to the spookiness. But, of course, anyone is welcome to stop by the house anytime and to find out exactly where to go you can search Caine Woods Christmas House on Facebook.

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