Following Prime Day, local businesses remind residents to shop local

SALISBURY, Md. – With two days of Amazon Prime deals behind us, there’s a renewed push to remind people to shop local and support small businesses during the pandemic.

“It certainly is convenient to just point and click, but I think when you’re buying something that is important to you, long term, you want to touch and feel it,” Susan Purnell, the owner of Kuhn’s Jewelers, said.

Purnell adds that shopping local ensures your money stays in the community.

“I think the fact that most of your money stays local, not just in the way that we spend it, but in the way that we donate it to a lot of community organizations that need it,” she said.

 Katie Olin, an employee at Barefoot Baby Boutique in Salisbury, says it’s more than just financial transactions though.

“It also gives you that face to face, personal connection with people within your community,” Olin said.

 Olin adds that, for smaller shops, business can be a bit more unreliable than for big chain stores like Walmart or Target.

“We’re a really small business so it depends day to day, so some days it’s crazy busy in here, other days it’s like, just a small trickle of people every once in a while,” she said.

Purnell says when you’re shopping local and spending money in your very own town, you’re almost guaranteed to see that being paid forward in some way.

“Personally, we feel responsible to give back to our community because this community has kept us in business all these years,” Purnell said.

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