Eastern shore’s Junior Achievement working on first finance park

SALISBURY, Md. – The non-profit, Junior Achievement (JA), is in the early stages of creating the Eastern Shore’s first ever finance park.

A finance park is a place where young students are offered the resources to succeed in a global economy.
Students show up to the park and receive a real life financial situation. They are tasked with buying a car, purchasing a house, getting insurance, and living like an adult for an entire day.

We’re told this will educate students about financial literacy , taxes, W2s,  career exploration, and even understanding salaries.

Junior Achievement hopes to become a destination in Wicomico county, while teaching financial concepts that may not be regularly taught in school or at home.

“Lets bring our region together and we hope that this spurs more economic growth, entrepreneurship, businesses, all these people looking for jobs, lets get more businesses in available positions,” says The President of Junior Achievement of the Eastern Shore, Jayme Haynes.

Haynes says that they hope by educating and better preparing students, they will have a positive ripple effect on the local economy.
Due to covid-19, the final plans for the finance park are still in the works.

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