Delaware U.S. Senate candidates share their platforms ahead of November election

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DELAWARE – In Delaware, Republican Lauren Witzke, Independent Mark Turley, and Libertarian Nadine Frost are vying for a seat in the U.S. Senate currently held by incumbent Democrat Chris Coons.

Witzke says some key issues she’s focusing on are restoring family values and addressing the opioid epidemic.

“It is something I’m really passionate about, and yes it’s the reason I decided to run. It was really important to me to address the opioid epidemic,” said Witzke.

Her platform consists of a full ten-year moratorium on all immigration adding that immigration reform will help end the opioid epidemic.

“If we can reform our immigration system, we can secure our southern border, restore our families, we can end the opioid epidemic,” said Witzke.

Meanwhile, businessman and independent Mark Turley says he’s pledged to provide affordable health care for all and to push for a balanced federal budget.

“At the end of the day, you’re seeing a lot of balanced federal budget conversations going in Washington D.C., but nothing firmly being done about it,” said Turley.

He says he’s able to come up with solutions without having ties to the Democrat or Republican parties or even large businesses.

“I have no ties to either party,” said Turley.

“I have no ties to big business,” said Turley, “When I walk in the floors of the Senate as your elected senator it’s going to be me and you solving problems together.”

Former federal law enforcement officer and libertarian Nadine Frost says she’s looking to restructure the education system by removing power from the federal department of education and return it to school districts.

“We need to send the education back to the local districts or better yet to the parents themselves,” said Frost, “Let their parents decide where their children are going to attend.”

She adds representatives and senators need to focus on working from their homes so that they’re more accessible to people.

“They’re supposed to stay home,” said Frost, “They can operate their business from their home office or from their living room.”

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