$11.7 million dollars coming to Maryland to help families facing eviction and homelessness during Coronavirus Pandemic

County Seeks Aid To Prevent Evictions

MARYLAND — Help is on the way for Marylanders facing eviction or other housing security issues due to the pandemic. On Thursday, October 8th, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, along with State Attorney General Brian Frosh, announced that $11.7 million is coming to the state, to provide legal services to families in need.

Officials say $8.7 million in funds recovered by the Attorney General, and an additional $3 million in general funds will be directed to the Maryland Legal Services Corporation, which gives out grants to nonprofit organizations that provide civil legal services for low-income Marylanders.

In the wake of the pandemic, we’re told MLSC’s funds were decimated, resulting in less legal services for Marylanders. Executive director of the Maryland Legal Services Corporation, Susan Erlichman, says, “MLSC is experiencing an unprecedented funding shortage due to the impact of COVID on our main revenue sources, and the action taken today translates into literally tens of thousands of Marylanders facing evictions and other matters who otherwise would have had no place to turn, now able to get the legal help they desperately need.” She says these funds couldn’t have come at a more critical time.

Attorney General Brian Frosh says these additional resources are another way to keep families in their homes and off the streets, so they are able to recover. The $8.7 million was recovered by the Securities Division of the Attorney General for unlawful conduct during the financial crisis and may only be used for housing-related purposes.

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