Salvation Army gets early start on holiday fundraising campaign amid coronavirus pandemic

DELMARVA – Starting this week, the Salvation Army is getting an early start on holiday fundraising amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We can’t let Christmas slip through our fingers this year,” said Captain Matthew Trantham at the Lower Eastern Shore Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army Lower Eastern Shore says fundraising for the holidays will look a lot different this year because of COVID-19 restrictions.

“We are anticipating a 50 percent decrease in fundraising this year,” said Trantham.

They are looking to raise roughly 200,000 dollars, but they aren’t sure if they’ll be able to set up their stands outside businesses they heavily rely on for fundraising. So, now they’re pushing harder for people to donate online.

“So, we will have websites set up where folks can donate locally and the money will go back straight to the service area where they’re in,” said Trantham.

The Sussex County Salvation Army says the money they raise is crucial for programs that countless people depend on every year in the region.

“Our soup kitchen, food pantry, kids ministry programs, our food truck program, our cause management program,” said Lieutenant Miguel Alban Guerrero at the Sussex County Salvation Army.

That is why they’re pushing for more donors and volunteers that can help them reach their goal so that they won’t have to cut back on critical services.

“So, we’re just asking them to just let’s start together much earlier to make sure that we get there to our goal so that we can continue in helping those neighbors who need a helping hand,” said Guerrero.

Overall we’re told it’s all about bringing hope to families this holiday season.

“We have got to rescue it so that families who otherwise wouldn’t have hope on Christmas morning and during the holiday season, that they can depend on the Salvation Army for that hope,” said Trantham.

Members of the Salvation Army say they’ll also be pushing their fundraising efforts on social media.

The Sussex County Salvation Army is accepting mail donations. For more information, contact Lieutenant Miguel Alban Guerrero at

For the Lower Eastern Shore Salvation Army, contact Captain Matthew Trantham at

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