Pip the Beach Cat in contest to become America’s Favorite Pet

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Perhaps one of the most famous faces from the resort town could soon be a national celebrity.

Pip the Beach Cat, arguably the most famous cat on the Eastern Shore, is in a contest to be named America’s Favorite Pet.

Pip is currently in second place in the semi finals of the competition, and if he wins he’ll win $5,000, and of course the name of America’s Favorite Pet.

Emily Meadows, Pip’s owner, says that money would go toward caring for the many foster kittens her family has coming in and out of their home every year.

“We are pledging to help our foster cats, pretty much just to feed them, that’s probably our biggest expense, that and litter,” she said.

If Pip wins, he’ll also get coverage in the Catster Magazine to highlight the importance of adoption and fostering kittens and cats. If you want to vote for Pip, you can vote for free once a day here.


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