New Delaware River Watershed signs unveiled to promote awareness


LEWES, Del. – Some new highway signs were unveiled in Delaware on Friday as part of a campaign to raise awareness around the importance of the Delaware River Watershed.

One of the signs is in Lewes near Ace Hardware at the intersection of Route 1 and Route 9. The campaign is a collaboration between the Delaware Department of Transportation, the Delaware Nature Society and the Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed. The six signs highlight information about how the watershed provides a home to almost three quarters of Delaware’s population, supports 34-thousand jobs and supports a vibrant community of wildlife.

“So the idea is to raise awareness about the watershed because if you get people thinking about clean water that’s going to educate them and help them understand the importance of water for our wildlife, for our economy and for our people,” says Emily Knearl, the Director of Advocacy and External Affairs for the Delaware Nature Society.

Knearl says these organizations got this idea after seeing similar signs for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

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