Maryland Styrofoam ban goes into effect Oct. 1, businesses may face fines


MARYLAND – On Thursday, Maryland will become the first state in the country to enact a Styrofoam ban and places that don’t comply may face some fines.

The ban is a Maryland Department of Environment law but it’s up to local health departments to enforce it. Wicomico County officials say they’ll be enforcing these new guidelines on both a complaint basis and during their normal routine inspections. They say the first violation will be educational meaning officials will explain the violation and how to fix it. The ban was originally set to go into effect this summer but was postponed to help businesses that are already struggling due to the pandemic.

“We understand that with the pandemic and everything going on, that restaurants have been influx but hopefully with the extension that happened, everyone has gotten cleared of the product and we won’t see it again,” says Joseph Spangler, the licensed Environmental Health Specialist for the Wicomico County Health Department.

Spangler says if violations are not corrected within three months, the county will have to contact the State Department of Environment and the business will have to pay normal re-inspection fees.
again. The Styrofoam ban goes into effect October 1st and applies to pretty much any licensed food service facility as well as school cafeterias but grocery stores are not included.

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