Maryland Comptroller supports permanently allowing carryout alcohol sales

MARYLAND – Maryland’s Comptroller is voicing his support for permanently changing the state’s laws to allow carryout alcohol sales, even after the pandemic is over.

Back in March, Governor Larry Hogan passed a few emergency orders allowing many places to sell carryout alcohol. Comptroller Peter Franchot believes that saved a lot of breweries, wineries, distilleries and restaurants from closing permanently due to the pandemic. The Comptroller is hoping the Governor will extend those orders through the next legislative session so the General Assembly can consider making these changes permanent.

“I can’t imagine, given the damage to the restaurant industry and the success of craft brewers and craft distilleries, that the legislature will not modernize their laws,” says Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot.

Franchot believes lawmakers now have evidence that proves how well the changes worked to protect small businesses during the pandemic adding that it did not lead to an increase underage drinking as some in the state were concerned it might.

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