Live Green: The River Gem Bed and Breakfast

POCOMOKE CITY, MD- Located near the Pocomoke River, stands The River Gem Bed and Breakfast. Even though this inn is a historic house, the owners are dedicated to keeping Delmarva healthy. This week on Live Green, Meteorologist Sloane Haines spoke to Mona Margarita, one of the innkeepers, about their green practices.

Being a historic house can offer challenges to being green.

“We also have an roof that’s flat at the very top of our house. So, I can’t do the solar panel thing up there and I don’t think I would be allowed to. I’m thinking I can do it on my garage which was a new addition to the house,” explained Mona Margarita.

The River Gem Bed and Breakfast at Littleton’s tells us they are committed to finding green practices. They even ask guests to get involved by doing things like bringing reusable water bottles, Tupperware and toiletries. In fact, the owner says the waste from tossing shampoo and soap piles up in the hotel industry, so they make their own.

“We put together our own soaps. In the hotel industry, there’s a problem of just throwing out the leftover because you can’t give it to the next guest. So we try to make these really cute soaps for people,” said Margarita.

Plus, they encourage the guests to take home these eco-friendly soaps as souvenirs. The innkeepers’ green efforts go past the fence of their bed and breakfast. They donate leftover food to shelters
and they assist student volunteers at the Downtown Pocomoke Community Garden.

“I think its goal is to become more of a pollinator garden and a place for people to come to enjoy nature. It has a lot of paths. It’s just gotten so big and it still has food. As its gotten bigger its become more of an ecosystem,” said Margarita.

The River Gem Bed and Breakfast goes above and beyond by including the community and future generations in their environmental efforts. Businesses like this bed and breakfast continue to keep Delmarva green.

Currently, the inn is not open for business due to pandemic concerns. But, for information for future bookings and to stay up to date with them, please visit their website.

As always, if you know a green business on Delmarva, please send their contact information to Meteorologist Sloane Haines.

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