Life and legacy of Frederick Douglass commemorated with new outdoor exhibit

TALBOT COUNTY, Md. – Frederick Douglass, an Eastern Shore native and abolitionist, was honored on Tuesday in Talbot County as a new outdoor exhibit was unveiled.

“This beautiful place inspired this incredible human being to rise up from his circumstances, to go farther than he ever thought he could go,” says Cassandra Vanhooser, the Director of Economic Development and Tourism for Talbot County.

Frederick Douglass was born on Tuckahoe Creek in 1818, not far from where three outdoor exhibits now stand. “It adds to not just the community here but the state to further understand the impact of a native Marylander, a man from Talbot County, who once was held in bondage here,” says Maryland Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford.

The exhibits, which tell Douglass’s story, were unveiled on Tuesday as the state launched the 2nd Annual International Underground Railroad Month. “Frederick Douglass believed that when you learn to read you will forever be free and when persons come to this site they can read these wonderful panels that begin to re-honor the life, the legacy and the impact of Frederick Douglass,” says Dale Green, a professor of Architecture and Historic Preservation at Morgan State University.

Douglass, born to an enslaved mother, taught himself to read and write before escaping from slavery on September 3, 1838 and moving to New York City. He went on to become an internationally acclaimed orator, author, statesman and much more. Now, more than 200 years after he was born, officials and historians say his messages continue to resonate with people.

“Douglass agitated with the life that he had. He used the North Star to agitate. He used his highest positions to agitate. He even used his voice, his vote and his pen to agitate and these are things we have to call on all citizens to do in this hour,” says Green.

Green says officials are working to make this area part of a world heritage site so that it can protected for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

Frederick Douglass Park on the Tuckahoe is located at 13213 Lewistown Road, Queen Anne, Maryland 21625. The park spans more than 107 acres and encompasses a high ridge overlooking a wide bend in Tuckahoe Creek.

The Talbot County Department of Economic Development and Tourism says they encourage people to submit ideas about the things they want to see done at the park in the future. Click here to submit comments or ideas about The Frederick Douglass Park on the Tuckahoe.

Click here to learn more about Frederick Douglass.

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