Dorchester Co. Public Schools announce plans to move into Phase Two of reopening

DORCHESTER CO., Md. — On Friday, Dorchester County Public Schools Superintendent, David Bromwell,  announced that the school district will be moving into Phase 2 of reopening on October 27th.

Right now the school district is in phase 1.5 of their recovery plan,  with smalls groups returning to schools over the next few weeks. Bromwell says Phase 2 will follow a true, A-week and B-week model, where 50% of all grades will return to school during the A-week and the other 50% will return during B-week. There is also a group of students slated as the “D Group”, who will attend both weeks of the A-week/B-week model.

Bromwell says for this transition to work, parents must monitor their children’s health themselves. In a video posted to the school district’s Facebook page, Bromwell says, “there will be no temperature checks of students as they enter schools as we will be relying on you, the parent, to confirm your child’s health for the day.” Bromwell also says DCPS will be providing parents with a daily checklist to ensure of the child’s health. This practice will also be for the safety and health of fellow classmates and DCPS staff members.

We’re told students will be required to wear masks, but they will be allowed a few breaks scheduled throughout the day, where they can remove them for a short period of time.

The option for students to stay home and continue virtual learning is still available

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