Delaware running internet speed survey for limited time

DELAWARE – The state of Delaware is running a limited time survey to figure out ways to improve internet service across the state.

Residents will have the opportunity to test their internet speed as well as answer questions like: How satisfied are you with your internet service? What type of connection do you have?

Officials say they already know parts like Western and Central Sussex County have connectivity issues but they’re hoping to find out some exact locations where certain providers just stop their service due to cost. “Sometimes it’s not so much that the service isn’t there but that they are a last mile that we refer to and is a very expensive fee for a private company or entity like your larger providers to achieve. So we’re looking for ways the state can step in and close that gap,” says Jason Clarke, the Acting CIO for the Delaware Delaware Department of Technology and Information (DTI).

The survey is available at and will be up for about the next month. Residents can also call 302-739-9701 to complete the survey by phone.

Officials say the data collected will likely help the state get federal funding assistance.

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