Assateague Island MD OSV closed, high tides and damage


BERLIN, Md. – Hurricane season has been more active than usual and officials say because of that the Assateague Island National Seashore has seen more damage than in past years.

Officials say the OSV portion has been closed since Friday after a few vehicles got stranded due to high tides. Even on Wednesday, the tide was still pretty high and in some places the water is more than 30 feet beyond West Boundary markers. Officials say this is a result of strong northeast winds and many storms passing off shore which have created unstable sand and even supersaturated areas of quicksand. There is also the possibility that deep gullies or even inlets may have been created.

“We would like to get the area open by the weekend but at this point until we assess it Thursday morning, it’s tough to say one way or the other whether we will be able to do that,” says Assateague Island National Seashore Superintendent Hugh Hawthorne.

Officials will be going out on Thursday to survey the exact conditions. They say these situations usually happen during major storms not usually when storms are still hundreds of miles off the coast.

For the most current OSV closure updates, Facebook users can visit the “Assateague MD OSV Closures” public group.

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