Trump’s executive actions will “probably be beaten back by the courts”, says Sen. Carper

47 ABC – Some elected lawmakers aren’t sure President Donald Trump has the authority to mandate federal funding involved with the executive actions he signed this weekend.

President Trump issued three memoranda and one executive order after negotiations on COVID-19 priorities stalled. The actions involve unemployment benefits, protections for renters and home owners, a payroll tax deferral as well as a deferral of student loans. However it’s not certain how far these will go because according to the Constitution, Congress has to approve those mandates.

“The executive orders that the President has proposed have been criticized by Republicans and Democrats alike saying they have no basis in law, in the Constitution. And if the President wants to continue to keep them out there, they will probably be beaten back by the courts,” says U.S. Senator Tom Carper.

Carper tells 47 ABC, he believes the hold up is related to a final decision on unemployment benefits. The extra 600 dollars a month for unemployment expired at the end of July.

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