Petition circulating to protect Caroline County teachers

CAROLINE COUNTY, Md. – A petition is now circulating to provide job protection for teachers in Caroline County. The petition, started by the Caroline County Educators Association, is in response to the Caroline County Board of Education’s decision to lay off 83 instructional assistants before the start of the new school year. In the petition, the association is demanding that all 83 instructional assistants be recalled and that the educators association is also actively involved in discussions on roles these employees will have to assist teachers in bringing quality education to students.

“When you’re laid off you’ve got no income and no healthcare. It not only impacts the folks that have been laid off but it impacts their families as well. Give us an opportunity to help you understand how we can add suggestions to keep these folks employed,” said Maryland State Education Association UniServ Director for Caroline and Dorchester County, Theresa Miles.

The Caroline County Eduction Association is also inviting the community to stand with them on Tuesday, September 1st. They plan on gathering in their cars in and around the board of education parking lot during their first board meeting of the school year beginning at 4:15. To sign the petition, click here.

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